SO I know we have sucked (pardon me) for a bit, and  haven’t gotten to writing, but something about the upcoming football season gets the writing juices flowing! Can’t wait for FOOTBALL!!! I will be more diligent posting once a week or more.

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One of the Best Superbowls I’ve Seen, yet…

I debated really putting anything up today about yesterday’s game, but just like everyone is entitled toPeyton their opinions, I have mines 🙂 VERY happy Peyton won the Superbowl. True Colts fan, Bleed Blue, Mad we let him go, and I hope we can get him back in one way shape or form after he retires (hopefully to come coach).

That said, I am also very very proud of Cam, and VERY disappointed in us as a society. Yes Cam lost; but how many of us, will happily go into our jobs, do the best we can, lose a project at the job, get pummeled during this job, and be ready to face a random group of obnoxious reporters who don’t really care to know how we are truly doing? Lets remember that Cam, although he wants to be superman, is human, just like us. He is still a very young man, and he still wear’s his emotions on his sleeve (whether is him being happy, or sad).

Yes, it is perfect to show grace in defeat, but what would you have said if he had bashed someone, say, his O-LINE (and the O-LINE coaches) when he got on the podium? Silence can be very golden, at times, and I think the young man, might have saved himself by keeping quiet.

Lets remember he just got pounded, pummeled, and pretty much embarrassed by the Bronco’s #1 defense. He was dissapointed, upset, sad, and probably a little just tired. How many of us would allow ourselves to get beat up time and time again, without flipping out at least once?

There is a saying about pointing fingers at folk, (don’t do it, you got several fingers
pointed back at you), and removing the plank out of your eye before removing the speck in your friend/neighbor/Cam’s eyes.

Ohh and lastly, since when did sweatshirts on anyone (Black, White, Yellow, Red, Orange) make that person a thug?? Because if that’s the case, then Bill Belichick (Spelling), Peyton Manning, ME, YOU (yes you reading this post), and everyone else in this world that buys those $40+ sweatshirts are ALL Thugs.

Happy Monday everyone. Congrats Peyton, please retire so we can hire you to our team!

NFC North [Part 2] Three things the Packers and the Bears have going for them this season.

   Chicago Bears

  • Matt Forte
  • Martellus Bennett
  • ???

Two time pro-bowler, Matt Forte, a true dual three running back will be looking to put up big numbers this year.  The bears do not split running back time as much as NFL team are today.  Look for Forte to be viewed as their work horse.  While Jay Cultler is not the most consistent, he and Martellus Bennett connected for the most QB-TE receptions last year. Entering his 11th season the DB Antrel Rolle, is hopeful to have another probowl worthy year. I would like to have pointed out the threat of their special teams but after being one of the worst teams in the league last year, the Bears had to make some tough decisions.  Hopefully, the bears can find a way to squeak out an 8 win season.

  Green Bay Packers

  • Clay Matthews
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Power Running

Clay Matthews, possibly the best middle linebacker in the league, will be anchoring the Packers defensive.  On the other side of the ball you have A-A-ron.  We are talking about a very celebrated player who was drafted in the first round of every fantasy football draft I’ve been apart of the last three years.  The only question mark about the Packers passing game is it receiving core.  I would like to think the accuracy and poise of Rodgers will overcome any lack of stardom that may occur due to injuries.  With Eddy Lacy and a health offensive of line,  The Packers will again be on top of the NFLs team offensive rankings.

AFC East – [Part 1] Three things the Bills and the Jets have going for them this season.


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 Buffalo Bills

  • Tyrod Taylor
  • Lesean McCoy
  • Receiving Corps

Coach Ryan has a solid team to work with (not knocking on his past team) this season. With a nimble QB that reminds us of Vick in his prime, a proven RB corp, led by the Veteran eagle transfer Shady McCoy, and a bevy of WRs, this group should be exciting (almost as exciting as the Eagles, but not really) to watch on Sundays. The defense held their own the last couple of years, and should be very good against the run.

 New York Jets

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick
  • Zac Stacy & Chris Ivory
  • Defense

Coach Ryan will actually dislike his former team this season! The Jets Jets Jets have reloaded their team, especially on defense, and will be very formidable this year. Not sure why their defense isn’t gaining publicity like other teams, but when you look at the D-Line (Wilkerson, Harrison and Rookie Williams), LB Core (Coples, Demario Davis, Harris, and Pace), and the best DBs in the league (Revis Island, Cromartie, Calvin Prior, and Gilcrest), you essentially have to play Chess when you’re playing against them. Opposing QBs will have to pick their poison when it comes to airing out the ball, turning them into a one dimensional team. The offense will get their way as well with an (accidental) UPGRADE (yes I said it) at the QB Position. The running back corps will provide a 1-2 punch and the steady hands of Brandon Marshal and Eric Decker will make this team, a solid playoff team.

NFC North [Part 1] Three things the Vikings and the Lions have going for them this season.


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  Minnesota Vikings

  • Adrian Peterson
  • D-line
  • Harrison Smith

Let’s just say AP needs no analyzing.  We know what he will do. How much he does it will depend on the health of the Vikings offensive line.  The Vikings may be struggling to find an offensive pass game but the running game will always be reliable.  On the other side of the ball, the defensive line will be a force to be reckoned with making the transition from college to the pros for rookie linebacker Eric Kendricks easier.  The brightest spot on the Vikings D is the now probowler Harrison Smith.  The NFL is definitely a passing league, and having an acknowledged athlete that can strengthen your teams ability to defend against it is a HUGE POSITIVE.

  Detroit Lions

  • Calvin Johnson
  • Joique Bell
  • 2015 Draft

So many positives for this team now, after being such a disappointment the last few years.  When Sam Bradford is not throwing interceptions he has the ultimate target in Calvin Johnson.  The former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket is one of if not the best receiver in today’s game. Also on offense, Joique bell, is a young bright spot that has shown tremendous promise.  With these positives along with a decent draft, where the Lions focused on the offensive line, may lead to a more composed Sam Bradford and a strong running game.  I would expect the Lions to finish second this year in the NFC north. putting them in a good position to make the playoffs.

AFC North – [Part 2] Three things the Browns and the Steelers have going for them this season.


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Here we go with today’s AFC teams!

 Cleveland Browns 

  • Joe Haden
  • Johnny Football
  • Healthy Duke Johnson

The Browns are a young team that could certainly make a little noise in their conference if things come together for them. With a solid QB core, which does include Johnny football, launching the ball from endzone to endzone could be a possiblity. Believe it or not, the kid will actually be a very effective and great football player. The browns just have to take the leap of faith and invest in him. He will get roughed up a couple of times, but that is what will grow him as a QB in the NFL. Duke has a great future, pending him staying away from injuries. Joe Haden can be a terrible pest for opposing WRs, and he can make a team become one dimensional as Qbs will throw away from his side of the field.

  Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Big Ben
  • WR corps
  • Bell

Big Ben will be around for a while. He’s got at least 4 more years before he decides to park it. He is a savvy QB with a lot of experience, and can be a heck of a beast to bring down when he scrambles. He has A LOT of weapons at his disposal too! with a bevy of quick athletic receivers, defenses have to respect his throw, and Le’veon Bell running the ball, he has a solid offensive team to make a honest team out of their opponents!

AFC North – [Part 1] Three things the Ravens and the Bengals have going for them this season.


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 Baltimore Ravens 

  • Steve Smith SR.
  • Veteran Depth at QB
  • Terrell Suggs

The Ravens tout a solid team every year, and every year they fall short. They seem to always lose focus/drive towards the end of the season when the elite teams peak, but leading up to the post season, they fall flat and deflate their fans. Three things they have going for them this year that could help bolster them all season, include a feisty Steve Smith Sr, who is ready to go to war for his team regardless of the consequence, their QB core which includes J Flacco & M Shaub, and T Suggs. All three facets should be able to ground their teams and motivate them during those rough patches of the season.

 Cincinnati Bengals

  • Receiving Corps
  • Solid 1-2 punch Running the Rock
  • The entire Defense

The Bengals are another team that grow during the season, throw punches with the big boys, but lose steam , and bow out quietly at the end of the regular season. Marvin has his work cut out, but has a solid core set up for success! The receiving corps, headlined by AJ Green, Tyler Eiffert, M Sanu, and Marvin Jones, will look to gash up teams vertically. Gio Bernard and Jeremy Hil will also look to protecting Dalton and pounding the ball home when their numbers are called.  Their defense is looking very formidable too! They have  a lot of veterans coming back, and as such, they should be very quick to get off the field! Check out their depth chart below:

Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers up next!

The Trent Chronicles


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What next young sir? What next? What exactly is wrong with the game in your eyes? So much potential, so much promise. I can’t begin to imagine that I understand what you’re going through, but in our eyes (those of us outside of the game, who just enjoy watching the game being played with passion and grit), something is missing.

I will not say that something is “fundamentally” wrong, like others might say; however, its very sad to see that you showed so much promise, and had so many opportunities to make a name for yourself, and now, nothing’s to show for it.

It cannot feel great that your college backup is racking up miles, while your tires just don’t seem like you’re churning them hard enough.

Please sir, in your next job (I believe in you sir), please earn all our respects, and destroy all our doubt. Grind hard, and show us the great Trent Richardson, who trucks over DBs without effort. The sky is the limit sir! I hear Cleveland might be looking for a couple of RBs!

Remember how cool it felt to be on the good side of the mags?

Dear Browns, if you don’t pick Ray Rice ASAP….


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Yes, he’s made mistakes; yes he was wrong; yes your fans will grumble and some might not show up for the games.  Remember this is a kid that made a HUGE mistake. He has been mentored, gone through several community services, and even married the woman. I DO NOT condone what he did however, after his punishment (he hasn’t played for over a year now), when do we decide to forgive him? He is a PROVEN veteran that can instantly make the Browns (or any other team) a legit running team.

It would be in the best interest for the Browns to pick him up! They have a shaky running squad, and simply will come out winning by signing Ray for super cheap, and getting a workhorse for the season! If y’all can accept Lebron back, you can certainly forgive Ray and give him(and you) a chance!